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Gina R Schuchman MSW, LICSW

About me...


In the 30+ years I have been working as a social worker I have grown and learned a lot about myself,  others as well as about the world we live in.

I believe we are all in a process of evolving.....it is never too late to make changes to improve and enhance our lives and relationships.  At our most basic level we all want to be happy and stop doing the things that make us unhappy.  I think people are basically competent to manage their lives and relationships even though they may find themselves struggling from time to time.

Most of us have developed coping skills throughout our lives that work most of the time.  People usually come in for counseling when their usual mode of coping is not working for some reason.

I liken my role to be similar to that of a detective or a tour guide. 

As detectives we gather information and then put together the clues so that we can better understand the context and content  of our lives.  What can we figure out about how you got where you are, what is motivating you and others, what is your part, what can you change and what can you not change?

As a tour guide I help people stop taking the same wrong turns as they travel along the road of life.  I have a lot of tools in my tool kit and don't believe there are absolute rights and wrongs.  I encourage my clients to give me feedback about what is working and what is not working so that we can tweak a plan together, making our work as productive as possible.

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